How to make facebook post shareable

1. Click on CREATE POST button then it will open next page

Follow Step-2

1. Clicking on this option can change background of image of post.
2. Clicking on this option it will display 12 types of option , with the help of this we can edit shareable post

Follow Step-3

1.By shooting photo we can add on post. 
2.We can add photo from gallery.
3.We can change background image of post.
4.We can come live on facebook through post.
5.We can inform to people about new jobs.
6.We can give message through post.
7.We can share our live location.
8.We can share our feeling and activities.
9.We can share events with people.
10.We can share GIF (short video) with people.
11.We can share Polls with people.
12. You can write any list
13.We can post about donation



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